This website is a collection of all my creative work, from electronic music to writing to graphic design. Here you will find everything I've produced under the names Forest Muran and MEZ, along with the films produced under the name Vonyco.

Vonyco specifically signifies the Youtube channel me and my friends Andrew and Riley ran throughout our school days (starting in 2010). Most of the Vonyco works can be found under the film section of this website.

MEZ is a pseudonym which I have been producing electronic music under since 2016.

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If you enjoy what's on this website and want to help support it in some way, considering buying MEZ tapes or merch, or simply send a donation via paypal. You can also purchase my digital albums directly via the MEZ Bandcamp page.

If you wish to get in contact with me, I can be reached at my main email: vonyco@gmail.com.

I am also fairly active on Twitter, so feel free to send me a message there as well.