The Bohemians are Real

The Bohemians are real. Many doubt their existence, placing them amongst the likes of the Illuminati and UFO conspiracies, but rest assured - the Bohemian threat is real, unlike that garbage. And the upcoming 150th anniversary of Canada drives the point home. The Bohemians are here, and they're targeting you, Canada.

Canada, as is a well documented fact, is far older than 150 years. The state of Canada was formed well before John A. Macdonald was appointed governor in 1878, by the elite group known as the Bohemians. These aren't the fun Bohemians who have parties and drink lots of wine, but a more insidious kind. Many know the Bohemians from their offshoot branch Bohemian Grove, the Californian summer camp for the Republican Elite (you can't make this shit up). But the Bohemians go way back, to the early formation of the Catholic church - PRE Jesus. Anyway, the point is, the Bohemians are the ones in powe, and have been since the dawn of modern civilization.

The Bohemians control everything from the stock market to who gets elected on American Idol. They have this type of absolute power because their elite group started to nestle its roots into society's power structure as far back as the collapse of the Roman Empire in AD 150 (notice anything FISHY).  The group has ingrained its influence so deeply that we don't even notice the symbols that the group employs as coded messages to exert their influence - some common ones being JESUS, THE CROSS, and, most famously, the BOHEMIAN SKULL.

You've probably seen this skull before. Tell me you haven't. It's how the Bohemians mark their territory. It's like an in joke amongst the elite, to let everyone know that you have been marked with THEIR LABEL.

ウルトラマン You think the Bohemians are a western organization? Think again. Even the beloved andogynous chinese batman figure ultraman has been subjected to the "mark of the beast." The Bohemians control the media, and its time to wake up and aknowledge what's ACTUALLY going on here. We're fucked.

I'm afraid. I'm afraid for what will happen this Canada 150, because the Bohemian have been eyeing it for a while. They love toying with civilization and Canada's 150th anniversary is the perfect way to stir up some bad blood. The Bohemians love pitting the "commoners" against on another, seeing them rip eachother up through war and generate conflict. And all at the same time, they like to see you buy into their symbols. How many people do you know dress up in green for Saint Patrick's day or wear a skull mask for Allhallows'eve? Have you ever stopped to think about what the skull represents?

That's right. The Bohemians are watching.

The Bohemians are planning something big for Canada day. Think I'm joking? Look at a popular image that has been circulating around social media by an anonymous source:

If the SKULL weren't obvious enough, here's another glaring hint. "The Art Club" is just another name for the Bohemians!!!  And the Bohemians are making it glaringly obvious that shit is going DOWN July 1st. Something big is happening, possibly a media spectacle. Something is going to happen that will change human consciousness, much at the same level as the fall of the Roman Empire or Terrence Malicks The Tree of Life.

This is going to be a manufactured change at the level of society. Your nuclear bunkers won't help you now kids, this is going to be a change that will effect the next generation, and you better be sure it's going to be in a direction the Bohemians want.

So I'm writing this to encourage you, whatever Canada's 150 may bring, DO NOT BUY INTO THE BOHEMIAN PROPAGANDA. The 150 Armageddon is coming, and if you don't steel your mind, you will be tricked into engaging with whatever cultural product the Bohemians put out. Whatever form the Cultural Armageddon takes, you must NOT engage with it, lest we all become what the Bohemians wants - empty, void skulls.