Videogame Music Page

My name is Forest Muran. Apart from being a filmmaker, student, and all around great guy, I compose music for film and videogames. If you're interested in having me join your project, just email me at and we'll start talking. I've composed in many styles (orchestral music, electronic music, jazzy kinds of music, etc,.) but everything I do is very characteristic, with a lot of personality. So, I tend to gravitate toward those kinds of projects as well.


Quick, what's the most memorable aspect of a videogame?

Is it the gameplay? The art style? The writing? The music?

Obviously, it's all of these things. A memorable videogame unifies these elements in order to produce a cohesive experience. A memorable videogame, importantly, possesses unity between gameplay, visuals, writing, and music.

I see writing videogame music as something fundamental to the game itself. I incorporate motifs (musical ideas) into my work that reflect gameplay, characters, and story themes, and I reflect them across multiple tracks. This creates a unifying glue that makes sure that the feeling of the music is tightly glued to the mood of the rest of the game.

In one game I worked on, there was a stage where the entire floor on the map was taken out, creating not only a delicate atmosphere, but also increasing the challenge. How did I reflect the stage through music? I composed the track so that it had relatively few bass frequencies, and featured plenty of off-beat rhythms, which contributed to the “airy” feeling of the stage. The end result felt inseparable from the stage.


In another game, I featured the “main theme”, a seven-note motif, somewhere in every overworld track. Though I found subtle ways of sneaking in the main motif, the effect provided an important unity between all the tracks. Because of this glue that held the music together, each track in the game felt like it belonged there. (Try listening to the soundtrack and picking out where the theme pops up!)

So, now you have some insight into my approach to videogame composition. Rather than pasting disjointed songs all over a game, I let the music naturally arise from the game itself. The project determines the music I write, and I try to reflect story themes, gameplay mechanics, and the visual style in the game's sound world.

For me, videogame music is an art, and requires special treatment different from any other kind of music.

- Forest Muran

But with music, words are limited. Enough text! I've included some examples of music I've done below, so take a listen: