Forest Muran



Canadian composer living in London, Ontario who writes for a concert setting, and produces electronic music as well.

List of Concert Works:

Music When Soft Voices Die - Piano and Tenor Voice (2011)

The Moon - Piano and Tenor Voice (2011)

Quasi Scherzando and Other Weird Enigmas - Horn, Flute, and Piano (2012)

Tree - Bassoon and Tenor Voice (2016)

Spectacular Sorbet - Piano and Baritone Voice (2016)

Magical Thirds - String Quartet (2017)

Music for an Ozu Scene - Solo Viola (2017)

Dies Irae - Piano and Soprano Voice (2018)

Stabat Mater - Electronics and Soprano Voice (2018)

Floating World - Two Pianos (2018)

Chess Game - Amplified Chessboard, Gamelan Slenthem, Bongos, Electric Keyboard, Gong (composed and performed in 2018 with Max Lucas)


Vonyco Legacies

Stabat Mater


Be my Guest Soundtrack: Snow and Coffee