The Truth Behind Power_Lunch


I've been recieving accusations and slander at the hand of Power_Lunch and their supporters. I've been called out for holding an “extended tantrum” and taking it “too far”. However, I think people have misunderstood me. Let's start from the very begining.

Power_Lunch falsely attempts to slander me with a poorly constructed narrative


Power_Lunch stole my music. I like to make music, it's a passion. And sometime's it's nice to have others appreciate it. Nothing works quite as good for promotion as hosting your work in a preexisting catalogue. For this reason, I quickly started seeking out labels to release with. I had released on a few labels already before Power_Lunch entered the equation, and I had only good experiences.

Things with Power_Lunch were looking good at first, but then they kept delaying the release of my album, first by a few weeks, then for a month, and then another month. I started to get suspicious, and sure enough, I eventually started to see them post my work to their Soundcloud page. When I called them out about this, they ignored me. I tried to keep it civil and kindly asked that they remove my work, or at least give me credit. They didn't budge. That's when I started doing research.

Power_Lunch has since taken the track down, but it was by no means the most incriminating thing they've posted.


The Bohemians represent themselves through the symbol of the owl

Azuresands大麻 - Redwood Ritual

You may not believe me when I say this, but Power_Lunch is a satanic organization. I know I said as much multiple times on social media, but I was only half joking. These guys legitimately worship satan and try to promote their religion through their music releases. I'm not a religious person by any means, and do not even believe in the existence of satan, but that doesn't mean these guys don't. It's ridiculous, but if you trace the symbols found in Power_Lunch, from the Virtute plate that makes up their icon, to their name itself (Power is the vestibule of satan) – and ESPECIALLY the skull that they frequently post – it starts to become very clear what their true intentions are.

It's not like they're trying to hide it

Not only this, but my research also led me to learn more about Virtute Corp. Now, it seems absurd that a group of people would form a small Vaporwave label JUST to promote their satanic musings. But when you realize that Power_Lunch is just a subset of a larger fraternity organization, you see how deep this thing actually goes. Power_Lunch is a subset of Virtute, a California based fraternity that refers to themselves as the “Bohemians”. Look this shit up. Their most notorious branch is “Bohemian Grove” which contains members from prominent political factions in the united states, but there are members across the globe. Just like what the “Illuminati” supposedly does, the Bohemians love to wave their status infront of your face, revealing their symbols as a kind of display of your ignorance. They post pictures of skulls in their media, they name themselves after variants on “Virtute” and “Power”. They joke about it all the time, because in the end they know that they're calling the shots and no matter how little you take it seriously, they rest assured at night that they've fooled you into complacency while the truth dangles below your nose.

It's all a joke to the Bohemians. Power_Lunch is a joke to them. And now their attempts at slandering me are another joke to them.

Just a few of the occasions Power_Lunch has posted blatantly Bohemian imagery

What To Do

The Bohemians are a powerful organization, but luckily Power_Lunch is not. If enough people read this and realize the truth, we can make headway toward shutting down Power_Lunch and making sure NO ONE buys a tape from them AGAIN. The Bohemians are firmly positioned in places of power in politics and business, but the least we can do is keep them out of VAPORWAVE. So, make a promise to remove Power_Lunch from social media. Don't listen to ANYTHING they say, since they're only trying to control you. Like I have said multiple times, stay away from Power_Lunch!

And Power-Lunch, if you're reading this, know that we are on to you. We know what you're up to. And know that I would never even WANT to release with you guys after what I've learned.

The day I release with Power_Lunch is the day I've joined their gross little cult.

That is all,

Peace, Mez

Other examples of Bohemian imagery used by Power_Lunch: