(March, 2019)

The past few months have been a period of immense creative growth, and I have a whole host of music, stories, and art waiting to be released. For example, I have a number of MEZ albums either nearing completion or just about complete, including a first-time step into the synthwave genre. Not only that, but I've recently discovered over four hours of unreleased music on an old computer coming largely from old films and early attempts at albums, which I have compiled together into a single collection and will be posting soon.

In the meantime, there have been a few new MEZ releases to keep you occupied. Two MEZ tracks were featured on the recent Vivarium Recordings Future Unknown compilation. The entire project features some really amazing artists, so I highly recommend the whole thing!

To honor all these exciting new developments in the Vonyco world, I've reworked a few elements on the website. For one, I've created some new banners for the Music section of the website. I've also updated the Forest Muran section of the website with a list of my concert works, with a few links to live performances.

Keep your eyes open to catch whatever comes next in the Vonyco world! Not even I know what's in store in the coming months.




(June, 2018)

I'm happy to announce the physical release of my album Floating World through Ontario-based label Lost Angles! Give a listen to this classic Mez album if you haven't already, and order a copy while these sublime beauties still last!

You can listen to and purchase the album here