Meznoyume (Mezのユメ)

An electronic music project that digs deep into the spirit of reality, through the lenses of Dreams, Transhumanism, Zen Philosophy, Netart, and Vaporwave. Described as ethereal, otherworldly, and super cute, Meznoyume has released on Dream Catalogue, Power_Lunch and Lost Angles. Mez has also collaborated with artists like Shinatama (Iona Dream), H0lyswagg and DJ Nizzy Nick.



Find Someone. Who Loves You?

Strange Air

Floating World

Bohemian Groove

I Want to Die By Candlelight


an album inspired by my own tweets

Miscellaneous Works/Collabs:

s e c r e t  s a n t a - Power_Lunch

sMonkVania - Lord Mu

Uncommon Town - Strange Air Music Video

Nature Is Not Evil - Strange Air Music Video

World War 2020 - Hard Vapour Resistance Front Compilation

Chaos 2: A Golden Halo Underground - Dream Catalogue Compilation







Sanitary Pool - Floating World

Cloud Map Collection - Strange Air

Lost Angles

this world / is just a world of dew / - Floating World

The Night We Met - Find Someone. Who Loves You?

Shells - Floating World