Mez is a Canadian electronic musician and composer who defies the border between the playful and the serious, creating cotton-candy pop as a meditation on mortality, as well as gentle ambient sounds which can heal the tired soul.

Mezのyume has released on labels such as Dream Catalogue, Lost Angles, and Power_Lunch, and has worked in genres as far-ranging as contemporary classical, vaporwave, ambient, and chiptune.


Dreams of Mezland (2020)

Dreams of the Egg Kingdom (2019)

Tomorrow's Planets (2019)

Rare Earth Minerals (2019)

Floating World (2018)

an album inspired by my own tweets (2018)


Bohemian Groove (2017)

Strange Air (2016)

DreamsのHolywater (2016)


I Want to Die By Candlelight (2017)

Find Someone. Who Loves You? (2016)

Collabs and Compilations:

Chaos 2: A Golden Halo Underground - Dream Catalogue Compilation

Sounds from the Black Lodge: A Tribute to Twin Peaks - No Problema Tapes Compilation

Future Unknown - Vivarium Recordings Compilation

s e c r e t  s a n t a - Power_Lunch Compilation

World War 2020 - Hard Vapour Resistance Front Compilation

sMonkVania - Lord Mu

Uncommon Town - Strange Air Music Video

Nature Is Not Evil - Strange Air Music Video

Press and Articles:

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Bohemian Groove on Tiny Mix Tapes

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